• Wonderful life drawing session with Queer Life Drawing and Spunkrock today. I tried adding heads in for the first time… sorta works?

    Sketching is a fun challenge. As a photographer I see the way the light falls, then I sketch it and well it’s not quite the same. It would be nice to learn how to add shade to a sketch to show that. For now, it’s great that I can sketch something I’m happy with.

  • Fancied trying to sketch something that wasn’t a naked person. It was tricky. I kept trying to get it right and the problem there is that’s not my skill. My skill is, if I can even call it that, is letting go of perfectionism. It’s being fast, fluid, and chaotic. The work should be more about the moment than about photo realism. The imperfections make it my work and no-one else’s. It’s hard to get into that headspace.

    If this is anything it’s a good bit of art for Captain Picard Day.

    Colourful sketch of the USS Enterprise E at warp. Imagine a kid did it.

  • Good to see Queer Life Drawing return with model Kiwi. It’s a fun online life drawing session. Follow them on Insta if you’d like to know more.

    This was the first time I started with a pencil. Overlayed with ink and erased the pencil to create the finished look. Works quite well.

  • Managed to do 6 lengths of the lake today. Over 1.5km swim. Given my post viral fatigue issues and lack of running from arthritis and gout, I’m happy with that. Slow but progressing.

  • We’re rewatching Eurovision before it leaves BBC iPlayer. It’s still incredibly surreal to see my home, places I work as a photographer, and clients on the show. Absolutely wild. I’m sure this year’s will be fun, but 2023’s in Liverpool was something else.

    The love for Ukraine in the city was everywhere. The acceptance of everyone, no matter how you presented, what your gender was, whether you supported Everton or Liverpool, the city was unified by music. The city felt modern, alive, and diverse in a way I’ve not seen before and I’ve been photographing events there for over 15 years. Eurovision in Liverpool transformed the city into the best version of itself. It’s always a good city, but that time… I wore a sparkly dress for 3 days. 3 whole days. No issues, just love.

    Here are some of the highlights, and I have more on my photography portfolio, and a few thoughts on my newsletter Hello Computer.

  • As I now enjoy sketching I bought myself some pens and a sketchbook. It was much cheaper than a new iPad. I like that I can retain some of the style I developed with the iPad but also make it slightly different. It’s fun to play. All I have to do is learn to ignore that perfectionist voice inside me.

  • After Eurovision I wanted to take a few days off and relax. As I couldn’t draw I figured it might be fun to try that. I bravely booked myself on a life drawing night and went along to see what would happen.

    I wrote in depth about the experience on my newsletter Hello Computer, but the short story is that it went well. At least I was happy with the outcome, which is a first for me and drawing.

    The featured image here is me, sat naked on a rock. It didn’t feel right to post naked sketches of others if I wasn’t confident enough to post one of myself.

  • This blog was started while I was at Liverpool John Moores University, in 2000 on a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering degree. The photo here is me at uni. Remember big monitors?

    I graduated in 2001 and I haven’t seen my friends from that time since. Tomorrow I will. It’s been a lifetime since then. I’m no longer in that world, but I’m still fascinated by it.

    Am I still that version of me from 2001? Am I playing photographer while still basically a geek, or am I a photographer with geeky hobbies? I’ve been a photographer longer than a software engineer, and yet the imposter syndrome remains.

  • This is a photo of an artistic 3D visualisation of what it would be like to be in a bee hive. It is part of the new “Bees: A Story Of Survival” exhibition at World Museum Liverpool by artist Wolfgang Buttress. Highly recommend a visit.