It’s day 3 of our stay in Budapest. I’m happy I can eat food and we wander. It is another very hot day.

Our wander takes us around the city seeing new and interesting architecture. Budapest architecture has interesting pastel style colours to it. There’s a definite trend of yellow and green in the city.

I spot an interesting looking woman and stop to take her picture. I don’t speak Hungarian but I am able to gesture that I would like to take her photo and she is delighted. Being a photographer is an incredible thing some times. This little box around my neck helps me stay curious and allows me to connect with people I would never normally connect with.

We venture down to the River Danube. Europe’s second largest river. Incredibly we see a coach casually floating down it. A coach. A proper Megabus style coach. We thought maybe it had some how become stuck there? Turns out it’s a tourist trip on a modified coach. Looked worrying from our perspective. Unfortunately with only a fixed 35mm lens on my camera I did not get a good photo of that.

We stop for food in a cafe then head off to Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube. Home to a swimming pool designed by Budapest’s first female architect. It’s a shame we didn’t plan the trip to find her work. Next time. Always good to have reasons to revisit a place.

After sunset we stopped by the parliament building for a quick photo. Wonderful architecture. We didn’t stop long as every single light source was buzzing with giant insects. I have no idea what they were but they were everywhere.

Ben met us on the other side of the Danube and we went for another Kert crawl. This time we ended up on top of a Spar. An actual Spar. The Spar was at the bottom of a multi-storey car park and the Kert was on the top level. Very surreal having a beer next to a giant Spar sign.