To get to Venice in Italy from Zadar in Croatia we chose to travel via the sea. It seemed like a fun idea and it required a stop in Pula which is home to the 3rd largest ampitheatre in the world. When I say it seemed like a fun idea we hadn’t counted on being at sea in a thunderstorm at night. Strangely enough I was fine despite the terrifying components of the trip. We were at sea with constant flashes of lighting and waves crashing over the hull. Maybe because I couldn’t see the waves meant I didn’t know how dangerous it was? It was a serious enough situation that they cancelled the boat from Porec to Venice the next day. It was an experience at least.

Arriving in a storm in a strange city is a little stressful. When we found our hotel it was straight out of The Shining. We didn’t see anyone during our stay there outside of the front desk staff. Not a single soul. By the time we had go into the room the storm had turned into one of those super creepy silent thunderstorms. Constant flashes of light but silent.

Come day time we had enough time for a brief walk so we visited Pula Arena. Built in 27 BC to 68 AD. Stunning but unfortunately when we visited it was setup for ice hockey. It felt like two worlds collided. Wonderful architecture and plastic seats.

Unfortunately that was all the time we had in Pula. It’s a port city like Liverpool and it would have been interesting to explore it more.