6 weeks ago Cunard and Cruise Liverpool opened ‘One Magnificent City’. 6 weeks of events including Light Night, Look/15, and of course 3 Queens. The summer events came to a conclusion this weekend with a Very Big Catwalk. The aim was to beat the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Models on a Catwalk’ and they did it too. 3,651 models walked down the catwalk on Saturday. *cough* me included *cough*

The Cunard cruise ship Queen Mary 2 made a great backdrop for the event and of course she sailed away after a spectacular firework show.

It was warm and sunny and I had a lovely day documenting behind the scenes. Well done to Culture Liverpool and the wonderful team at Cruise Liverpool for producing such a spectacular series of events.

Transatlantic-QM2-4069-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3870-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3898-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4150-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4229-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4315-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4325-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4372-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4390-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4399-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4419-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4449-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4469-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4473-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4494-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4567-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5731-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5880-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4634-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4651-pete-carr