The sunset on Thursday night was stunning. It went on for about an hour. I’m glad I was in the area with my camera. On Friday I was out at the Bold Street Project’s Flickr group meetup. It was a great night out, chatting and touring some of the spots in Liverpool. Its the first time I’d seen the exhibition at FACT by Michelle Wren and it was fantastic. Very impressive. We moved on to the Open Eye gallery for the medical photos exhibition, which I’ve seen before and still creeps me out. Afterwards we visited 59 Rodney Street where a Liverpool photographer called Chambre Hardman worked. I’d never heard of him till that day. It was a really impressive tour. What I found most interesting was that back in the 40’s he used “Photoshop”. He used the clone tool to fix spots and stray hairs on portraits. He would spend hours in the darkroom perfecting his work. His house was supposedly a mess because he put everything into photography. Portraits and landscapes were the two subjects he covered most. There was a great selection of Liverpool photos in the house too. What I found most interesting was just how like me he was. Portraits, landscapes, perfectionist, used photoshop, photographed Liverpool a lot and he used to live in Barnston which is right next to where I live. Oh he also wore a hat. Take a look at some photos of his.

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  1. lovely sunset pete – the bird sets it off well