This is just a random street near Greenland St in Liverpool. There’s lots of great places like this around there. In other news there’s been a lot of things going on at Flickr. The short story is that rebekka, one of the top posters there, had her work stolen and sold as someone elses. She found out and posted about it on Flickr. After over 101,000 views and 6 pages of comments relating to how to deal with this issue, helpful for anyone, Flickr decided to delete the post. Apparently Flickr wasn’t to be used to attack people, even if said people may have stolen your work and you were only asking for advice on how to progress. The CEO of Zoomr, Flickr’s main rival, has some good information about the subject. There is also an updated entry by rebekka about it saying that Flickr have apologised but they haven’t reinstated the entry. Thankfully Google caught it. In the immortal words of Bulldog from Fraiser, “This is wrong! This is total BS!” I hope she gets things sorted and fully compensated for this. It could easily happen to any photographer and its great to see the community helping her out.

And finally, it seems that JPGMag has had some trouble ending up with the founding members leaving. Not good for them or JPGMag.

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  1. Came across this initially on and it’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. The issue with unauthorised use of images on Flickr and similar photo-sharing sites is becoming more and more prevalent and is one that these sites need to address..

  2. Great processing.