Albert Dock Panoramic

I’ve kind of got a panoramic thing going on. Its like having the sharpest 10mm lens ever because I’m using my 24-70 to make them. It can capture so much detail. This isn’t with the 24-70 which is why it looks odd. Its with the 10-20. This is the view people will get from the Hilton Hotel and from the apartments.

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  1. Never been to Liverpool, but I have been visiting Vanilla Days for some time now, so I kind of know some of Liverpool nice places through your photographs. This panorama is very interesting as it shows many of the places you have photographed in one image.

  2. Cool colors. Great view.
    I’m waiting for my holiday and maybe I’ll visit Liverpool.

  3. Magnificent shot. I think it’s the only pic I’ve ever seen that relates the Liverpool skyline to what’s ‘behind’ it, since all you normally see is the view from the water.

  4. Kitten Avatar

    I agree with Mark. Absolutely unique angle on the waterfront. Amazing detail too (and how did you manage to avoid all the cranes!!?! :p) love it.

  5. My eye is drawn slightly right of centre with the Granada building… maybe that should have been a subtle focal point for the centre, but otherwise, lovely shot. Love the colours.