Another from Princess Dock

Another from Princess Dock the other week. I’m posting it now because I forgot I had more. I was happy with the previous image, so I just forgot I had more. Again this is a HDR image with some additional tweaking in Photoshop. One thing that I noticed about this image, that I should have corrected in the last one, was a yellow tint to it. This can happen with HDR processing sometimes. The reason why I noticed it this time was because I was using the original 0ev exposure shot to lessen the HDR effect and produce a more natural shot. When I added it as a layer the building went from white to yellow and I figured I should correct that in the final image. Its something I should watch out for in the future.

All in all I love this area. It totally changes my perception of Liverpool and really gives it that city feel.

HDR from 3 RAW’s // Camera: Canon 30D // ISO: 100 // Shutter Speed: 1/320 // Aperture: f5.6 // Metering: Average // Focal Length: 10mm // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

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  1. Both are very nice..How could you keep the exif after combining the 3 raw files?..cause I just couldnt keep mine after processing the raws in photomatrix..

  2. Very beautiful and original cityscape photo with the reflectio in the water! If you would like to contribute som pictures to my site for artistic photographers, I would be thrilled! If you upload a few shots we will post your photoblog address in the “our photographers” list so that even more people will have the pleasure of finding it! I hope you could find some inspiration there too. Take care! /Ralf

  3. very beautiful photo . love it .

  4. Wow it’s so sharp, I love the shimmer in the water.

  5. Now I’m not an huge fan of HDR (yes, I know!) but I think, for me, this has the look of a non-HDR. It might be due to yellow removal. In any event its a great scene with just the right amount of cloud to lift it.

  6. you have some fantastic work, and an incredible talent.
    I found your site through the Daily Photo community, and have posted a link to your site on my page.
    I’ll be a frequent visitor….

  7. HRD, non HDR I like it.