Another Place #4

Back to the ‘Another Place’ shots. There really is a huge amount of shots you could squeeze out of this installation. Different sunsets, skies, weather, tides, angles, lighting, people, etc. This is another HDR, done just to squeeze a bit more detail out of the sky, then edited and cropped in Photoshop. There was ground in this shot but I think it was fairly pointless so I cropped it out. Also, just yesterday the council have agreed that the statues stay.

As most people will see, today is 39 Art Day: Thank you Art Day. It was created by a Japanese artist and its meant to help people show their appreciation for contemporary art. In Japanese, “thank you” rhymes with 3/9 (san-kyuu), because there is no “th” sound in Japanese and the Japanese people tend to pronounce “th” as “s.” Thus, the Day of 39 Art on March 9. As part of this day I will be offering 20% off any prints bought today. That goes right up to 11:59pm GMT. The cheapest print is now just £18.75.

Camera: Canon 30D // Lens: Sigma 10-20 // ISO: 200 // Shutter Speed: 1/250 // Aperture: f5.0 // Focal Length: 10mm