Another random sunset

I went out last night in the hope of getting something good. I came back with something easy. I wanted to get some nice sand dune photos but I didn’t know that at this time of year the sun sets round the corner to the sand dunes so there was no light. Pretty annoying. So I came home with this. Taken at the top left of Wirral, Hoylake, and shows how open it is there. Nothing but you and the sunset.

In other news, I’ve updated my portfolio website again. I’ve been hearing great things about Indexhibit and after having a quick play I liked it. I also liked that it almost matched my current design so it was easy enough to build. Its got a great CMS behind it that makes updating the site so so easy. I’ve also decided to put larger images on there, larger than those on here. I felt that they needed to be bigger to really help add impact. There are new shots on there, including the full set of eighthundred photos I took. The news system is more in-depth too. So take a look at the new