Another well placed sunset

While yesterday’s shot was the last in the Another Place series, this was taken at the same place. The title is a play on words. This is just a sunset shot from Crosby Beach without any statues in it. Its not HDR and it was all edited in Lightroom.

Also, I’ve signed up to Twitter. So if anyone’s on that feel free to add me.

Camera: Canon 30D // Lens: Sigma 10-20 // Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/100 // Aperture: f/5.6 // ISO: 400

8 responses

  1. How are you finding lightroom in comparison to Aperture? I find that aperture is increasingly sluggish with every update and am seriously considering changing to Lightroom. the PPC beta was pretty buggy though.

  2. I’m loving Lightroom. Its far faster than Aperture and it also writes out metadata to the files when you want. Aperture only does so when you export so all the metadata is locked inside Aperture. Lightroom can be occasionally sluggish but nowhere near as bad as Aperture.

  3. This is a nice sunset shot Pete, but I think I prefer yesterdays. The statue gives the view that added edge

  4. the cloud reflections are captured very well in the water. its another great photo and the sky is very impressive. nice relaxing photo.

  5. Great colour – superb use of natures amazing palette!

  6. First off, I really like the sunset shot. Next, have any of you tried aperture 2. I like aperture 1 but I have to agree that it can be very sluggish, painfully so at times. I’ve heard that the updated Ap 2 is faster, but that was from ads, and I wanted some real world esperience from fellow photographers.

  7. WOAH! That’s beautiful.

  8. Amazing colors and the reflections in the water is a perfect capture, if it was not for the horizon line that is visible it would have created a mirror reflections at 100%.
    Thanks for sharing