As part of my fiancé and I’s trip around Europe we spent 4 days in Venice. Long enough to see the amazing architecture, a bit of flooding and eat ice-cream. It’s an amazing city. An impossible city that defies normal architecture. Front doors open into canals. There are no cars. Everything is done by boat, bike or walking. It’s mind boggling. In the UK there are barriers everywhere for health and safety reasons. In Venice you could probably jump out your bedroom window and swim to work. It seemed like tourists outnumbered the people who live and work there. Almost everyone had some DSLR around their neck. It was nice to blend in with the X100 (review coming soon I promise). If they weren’t wearing a DSLR it was Raybans. Despite looking I couldn’t find the man giving them away. Everyone had them.

We saw people fall on the new Calatrava bridge. The bridge connects the coach station with the train station. I love his work but it made no sense to force everyone to pull their luggage over a bridge with badly made steps. The situation is so bad that there are porters to help.

We also visited the Architecture Biennale which was amazing. Hopefully we’ll return to Venice each time the Biennale is on, making sure it doesn’t clash with the Liverpool Biennal, or the Tatton Park Biennial.

I did a bit of street photography while I was there, which you can see on Little Time Machine.

More than 150 images of Venice are available on my archive site.



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  1. Simon Uglow Avatar
    Simon Uglow

    Pete, it is a beautiful city, and one of my favourite places in the world. Your photos do it justice, and now make me need to book to go back there again!

  2. thanks for sharing, wow, awesome place. I hear they just experienced crazy floods there as we did here in the states.

  3. The top photo’s top! Nice.