Another HDR shot from Beetham Tower in Liverpool. After doing all the shots yesterday I noticed that RawShooter was set to output medium quality jpeg’s. This meant I had to redo *everything*. However, this did mean that I could retry the shots using a 16bit tiff to output instead of an 8bit jpeg. When I did this and ran it through Photomatrix I discovered the output was greatly enhanced. The colours were more vibrant than before. I also got the same with an 8bit tiff, which was odd. I had to use a 16bit tiff because Photomatrix had errors with an 8bit. Either way it really did produce stunning images.

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  1. Miranda Rushton Avatar
    Miranda Rushton

    This is incredible….I was wondering what settings you used to take this….and if you made any adjustments on Photoshop etc, what are they?
    Superb shot, I want to frame it and put it on my wall haha!