So the other day I decided to get out the house and go for a nice long walk around Liverpool getting a whole bunch of shots out my head. It was nice to just wander around Liverpool in roads I haven’t been down before. I went out with HDR in mind as I’m off to Toronto in 3 weeks and I wanted to test out some city based HDR techniques. Plus I wanted to test out the comfort of my bag, which is very comfy for walks.

This building is Beetham Tower. Its something like 45 stories high. I’ve always known it would be a great location for some photos due to the giant bit of abstract architecture outside it. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day with some clouds in the sky. Perfect weather.

2 responses

  1. Hi Pete – another great series of hdr shots – Ive been having a go myself with some interior shots (on the photomatix trial) – should I buy or should I not? What do you think? Will the tone plugin just suffice? Oh and what bag are you using around town? Questions Questions!;)

  2. Great picture. I used to live in the apartment shown one down from the top with the glass windows. I have almost an identical picture to this. I love your pics and I’m glad I must have seen the same potential in this shot. Fond memories of this building and of Liverpool in General. Great views of New Brighton and the mouth of the estury from the top. On a clear day you can even see snowdonia mountains.