Brouhaha Parade

Another year another Brouhaha Parade. This year I was armed with a new set of lenses, new bodies, and video. I have some basic footage that gives you the feeling of being drunk while watching it. So I’m not quite there yet with video on the D90. Need to try the smoothing option I’ve heard about. I have no plans on turning this photoblog into a vlog. Right now I’m exploring what video lets me do. I like the idea of the long photo, that you can essentially capture the before and after of that one single moment a photo captures. I also like that no-ones knows it does video so the reactions from people are interesting.

In other news, I’m a member of the Fab Collective and we’re up to something at St Lukes, the bombed out church, until August 30th. Its a photography exhibition and a darn good one. We’re open Thurs – Sun, 12-4pm each week. Stop by and check it out.


3 responses

  1. His face is nice. 🙂

  2. Loooooooove the colours on this one. Amazing 🙂

  3. I love this shot especially because…IT’S ME!

    Had an ace carnival and an excellent time up in Liverpool. Managed to get to the bombed out church too and thought that the work of the Fab collective was excellent.

    See you all again next year!