Claire Cook

It’s 2010 and I’m starting a new project called 100 Strangers. Basically you go out and ask 100 strangers for a photo. I’ve done this before with 800 but this time I really want to get peoples stories not just their photo. So with that in mind here’s Claire Cook.

Currently working, even on New Years Day, as a shop assistant in New Brighton with aspirations of being a makeup artist. To celebrate the New Year her and her partner went onto the promenade to watch the Chinese Lanterns take flight. The shop opened at 8am but she was happy that she didn’t start then as she can’t currently drive making it hard to get in that early. This is due to her arm which is currently bandaged because of botox injections to help with her Cerebral Palsy. The injections help with the muscles in her arm by reducing tightness and giving her better control of movement.

3 responses

  1. I look forward to seeing this project. I don’t think I could ever do it because talking to strangers is hard for me.

  2. This is a great concept. Will enjoy following it.

  3. same here i would find it hard to approach strangers and ask if i could take there photo, i think alot of people are alot more suspicious of people than they used to be which makes it harder, i think i might make this one of my new year challenges..look forward to seeing more like this pete, everyday normal people should be photographed more and there story told not just stars.