Dancing in Williamson Square

I went to check out an event at Williamson Square last night. When I arrived I found a cherry picker and thats it. 30 minutes later and people were lost in their own personal spotlight dancing to classical music. What caused this? Inspiration and spontaneity. There were no people in yellow coats telling people to form a line and explain the process. No-one said anything. People just danced, and danced well. While it was outside the theatre it wasn’t just the “arty” theatre types who danced. People on their way to start an evening clubbing got their grove on. One guy walked through on his mobile, danced and continued on. Basically anyone passing Williamson Square joined in. Oh and as you can see they had their own spotlight. This was all computer driven. As long as you were in the invisible square you would get your own spotlight. How brilliant is that? Classical music and your own personal spotlight that followed you where you danced. It was your moment. I love little things like this. Events that engage people on the street. Say what you will about the Capital of Culture but if you’re open to it there are events for everyone that are free and while “arty” anyone can take part and enjoy it.

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  1. I’m with you Pete, it’s a great idea 😉

    Of course what we all want to see if the self portrait of you dancing 😀

  2. Not gunna happen. I don’t hdr well 😉

  3. Katie in Minneapolis Avatar
    Katie in Minneapolis

    What a wonderful thing to see and experience – and you captured it so perfectly. I love the stance of the gal in the middle, she looks so elegant.

    Beautiful shot. Wish they did this in Minneapolis. I’d sit there with my camera forever. But I would dance too. Couldn’t pass that up. Life’s too short.