Yeah I’m doing the monthly wallpaper thing like everyone else. I’ve got a load of photos from earlier in the year when it really snowed that I haven’t published. So I figure I’ll start with a wallpaper.

My girlfriend and I borrowed my Dad’s 4×4 and headed off to Snowdonia, the snow capital of these parts. We had a great time. Anyway, as its just starting to snow again I figured people might like a nice snowy landscape for their wallpaper this month.

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One response

  1. Ha, great minds and all that – was sifting through snowy pics for the exact same reason last night. Torn between properly Christmassy Cheese or some snow shots. Haven’t got anything like this though (nor have I got access to a 4×4, rear wheel drive cars don’t ‘do’ smow :), more’s the pity. Lovely shot.