Part of a series taken in the early hours of a late autumn day. The city, for the most part, is a constant hive of activity. This area of town is populated by lots of clubs. When people aren’t working during the day they’re here partying of an evening. But in the early hours of the day its all quiet and calm. Its quite nice.

4 responses

  1. Excellent and expressive bw
    Like the whole “morning” series – well done

  2. Loving these monochromes, reminds me of my early days in college in Brum. in those days a lot of the midlands was streets of derelict blackened brick buildings and some were even corrugated steel sheet lined roads with the pub left on the corner.
    In my first year in college in 1972, it was all TriX and the whiff of fixer in the glow of the safe lights. I loved the darkroom. I loved the tones and grain of the film/paper medium.
    Colour photography has gone through many incarnations so the quality can give away the vintage of the shot. Monochrome on the other hand I think is timeless.
    Great pix Pete.

  3. wow, fantastic capture…
    very nice angle
    perfect composition…

  4. amazing capture!