I’ve sat here for an hour now looking for inspiration. It’s not happening. Or is it???? No. No it’s not. But let me tell you about my day.

Today I went shopping for a hanging basket. My dad was the king of hanging baskets. I never once asked for his advice on them. Now I need to and I can’t. It’s getting to the time of year where I notice the same steps repeating themselves. The same steps that led to his death. Every year I’m reminded of the path that took me to his death. So this year I’m trying something new which is to make a hanging basket so that maybe by the time the anniversary of his death comes around I’ll have a nicer thought in my head on that day rather than a sad one. “Hey dad. I made this. You’d like it.” It’s a work in progress.

Lead image is nothing related to anything other than it’s a church and it’s a religious time of year so enjoy 🙂