Just a random shot of Edinburgh. Its probably not a great shot if I’m honest because I took it 3 years ago and I’ve changed a lot since then. But throw that out the window and what do I see. I see a stunning landscape, amazing architecture and a place I need to go back to. So its here to remind me of whats up there, what I need to photograph.

3 responses

  1. As long as people look at the picture and not your spelling on Edinburgh then you’re doing great. (I saw it before you changed it, sneaky)
    It looks amazingly beautiful, you can see right the Forth across to Fife.
    Looking forward to having you up here again and seeing the results.

  2. I love the architectures and the whole landscape; the beauty of Edinburgh.


  3. i think youve done a great job of showing the character of tthe architeture.