A black woman dances at dusk at the Euro Village stage outside the Liver Building. They're wearing a red sequin coat with a Ukraine flag on.

We’re rewatching Eurovision before it leaves BBC iPlayer. It’s still incredibly surreal to see my home, places I work as a photographer, and clients on the show. Absolutely wild. I’m sure this year’s will be fun, but 2023’s in Liverpool was something else.

The love for Ukraine in the city was everywhere. The acceptance of everyone, no matter how you presented, what your gender was, whether you supported Everton or Liverpool, the city was unified by music. The city felt modern, alive, and diverse in a way I’ve not seen before and I’ve been photographing events there for over 15 years. Eurovision in Liverpool transformed the city into the best version of itself. It’s always a good city, but that time… I wore a sparkly dress for 3 days. 3 whole days. No issues, just love.

Here are some of the highlights, and I have more on my photography portfolio, and a few thoughts on my newsletter Hello Computer.