I got married the other day and it showed up Facebook for the mess it is. It’s not a site that has been carefully crafted to benefit its users. It’s been designed to find out what we like and that’s it.

During and after our wedding people posted photos and updates congratulating it. My feed filled up with them. My notifications did the same. “Philber Phober liked a photo you were tagged in.” Blah blah. What Facebook didn’t tell me was the full story. I saw a notification that my cousin-in-law’s wife liked a photo of us in an album posted by my cousin-in-law. Great! Oh but the album has 100 photos in from our wedding and he tagged us in the album description. Yet the way we find out is in the most awkward way.

As you may know Facebook shows you the posts it thinks you want to see. It’s not like Twitter where it’s all chronological. So why didn’t we see this? It left me wondering just how many other photos or updates there were out there we hadn’t seen. In some way by not seeing them the person posting will think us rude for not liking them.

And then we get on to likes, or perhaps they should be called acknowledgements or something. Another problem with wedding content is you like it and then what? Why isn’t there any option to curate your own albums based on other users photos? I could share a pic but that’s it. What I really wanted to do was like my favourite photos of the day and then show everyone those photos pulled in from all our guests.

I’ve disliked Facebook for a while. I can’t not use it as I have a work profile. But from a personal standpoint I can’t stand it and I think this was the last straw. It’s not a site with our best interests at heart.

I think from now on I’ll be on tumblr, Twitter and places. I’m done liking things.