From the bell tower at dusk

Yatta! I’ve been scared of this building for 8 years now. First time I went up I got to the 2nd lift and felt the building move so I ran out. I came close to going up last year but failed. I’ve seen shots inside the bell tower and it’s terrifying. I don’t get it really. I can hang out a plane window taking pics as the plane tilts to 45 degrees but ask me to go up the bell tower and it freaked me out.

The weather today was great and I figured i should go up there and get good shots. Naturally the weather changed as we were about to go up and I almost caved. I figured as it was quiet it’d be easier to slowly go up. So armed with my good friend Sam i made my way up. It’s 7 flights of stairs inside the bell tower and it was over in seconds. I just looked at the steps and before I knew it we were at the top. I was fine, for the most part at the top. It’s lovely at night. The floor was a bit iffy and it reminded me what was below. Getting down is harder but manageable. I’m really happy to have done this. Will definitely be going again. If you want to go up its open till 8pm most Thursdays through Oct and some in Nov.

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  1. The Anglican? Did you not come up it with me and Milbo?

  2. Nah. Remember the 2nd lift only took 3 people and there were 4 of us. I felt the building move in that narrow corridor so used the lift space as an excuse to run off. You took my little kodak ez200 camera up there and the bell tower looked damn scary. So I never went back.

  3. Arthur Adams Avatar
    Arthur Adams

    Looks like a great place to take photographs from in a thunderstorm or would that really be too much for you?

    1. I’d have to assume its not opening during a storm so we’ll never find out :p

  4. Looks fantastic, worth the nerves I hope?
    Thanks as I didn’t know it was open at night, will definately take a trip up.
    I’m strictly a point and shoot photgrapher with my works little digi camera but the view will be amazing at night.