Another using the preset I found in Lightroom. I didn’t use it on all of the Gormely shots just todays and yesterdays. Yesterday’s wedding was fantastic. Sure it had stressful moments, but in a comedic way so it was never “oh god kill me now” stress. I had loads of fun capturing little moments here and there during the day. I can’t wait to load them into Lightroom but I’ve got to clear at least 10gb to copy them over. 10! I can’t believe I shot that much, but then I was shooting non-stop for 14hrs. Sure I *could* have stopped but I don’t till I *can’t* shoot any more. Even though my feet were killing me I kept heading back to the dance floor to get more shots, not to dance because I don’t dance. I think I achieved everything I wanted to. I had a list of shots the bride and groom wanted, done. I had a mental list that I wanted, done. I got the group shot of 95% of people. I managed to organise people too. You just don’t have the time to be shy and if you see a shot looks off on the display you HAVE to reshoot it. You’ll never get another day to retry so you have to say “oh wait” and reshoot. I went to the shoot with a moto of sorts. “Shoot everything.” I can delete shots later but I can’t reshoot them later. So I shot everything without thinking about it. The bride and groom were brilliant so this is a little shout to them, congrats guys.