A man heads home after shopping in Liverpool. I’m not 100% sure on this image. In some ways it feels like two. THe left hand side feels essentially pointless, but then at the same time its where he’s looking. There is an odd contrast of the activity on the right and the emptyness on the left. You wonder what could be beyond the emptyness that he’s looking at. Of course that might just be me trying to assign meaning to a bad photo.

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  1. he’s probably looking at the blue christmas trees outside St George’s Hall, or the fairy lights in the trees just behind to the right. Looks so pretty this time of year.

  2. He’s thinking…”One of those liver bird lights is broken already!”

  3. I think there’s something to the image, particularly the ‘unknown’ that he’s looking in to – but he does look a bit isolated. You might try a bit of cropping to add intensity; the right to inside the bollard, halve the distance between the bottom and his feet and a similar slice out of the top. It wouldn’t hurt to ramp the contrast on the subject and the cobbles either -more in keeping with your other recent shots.

  4. i like breathing space and ambiguity in my images so i’m not bothered by the ’empty’ left side.

  5. I don’t think it’s a bad photo at all. The lighting on him is almost a bit theatrical in look. The contrast between the two sides maybe makes it thematically a bit “unbalanced”, but I think you’re being overly hard to describe it as bad.(Although, taking Mark’s thoughts on a crop, a square crop blocking out most of the left side and putting him centre does give it a different feel.)

  6. Tom Fairclough Avatar
    Tom Fairclough

    I think he knows he’s being followed

  7. This shot reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies..

    “We feel safe where we stand (light) but are curious and at the same time afraid of stepping into the unknown (darkness)”.

  8. I think that sometimes it’s a very important question to ask – what is it that attracted this man’s attention and for us seems empty and pointless. maybe it just seems so…
    anyway, I like this photo, it’s a little bit misterious, a little bit confusing, definitely interesting.

  9. Emmett Byrne Avatar
    Emmett Byrne

    Ah, I was just walking up that way yesterday going to the panto. I can spot Cilla and Jennifer Ellison in the right hand corner.

    Great photo and treatment Pete. Also I picked up your book down at the Albert Dock yesterday. In the maritime museum. Great work.

  10. There is much mystery here especially how the man is looking toward the void of darkness. I see what you mean about the left side, but I also think it would lose something if it was not there. Hmmm…

  11. Tom Fairclough Avatar
    Tom Fairclough

    I don’t want to sound like a killjoy to the theorising but surely he’s just going home with his shopping. I just think the lights on St.Georges hall are really nice to look at.