So 2009 is here.  Plans, resolutions?
  There are the obvious ones like lose weight, get in shape, eat right and such but I feel that they should be more of a life long goal than just something to aim for this year.  So just a quick list of things I’d like to aim for this year.

  • Photograph more of Liverpool outside the city center.  The surrounding neighbourhoods of Liverpool are quite a contrast to the inner city and I’d like to document that more.  It means getting over fears of the area though.  People telling me “Oh I’d not go round there with a camera” etc.  Have to get over that.
  • Photograph more personal things outside of just my nephew because its expected.
  • Try and do more self portraits that aren’t taken at my desk, or at least self portraits that are a little more fun or different.
  • Do more portraits.  I’ve had ideas for over a year now and they’ve been on the backburner because I can’t find the right model, or perhaps because I’m too shy to really go for it.  Screw it.  I’ve got ideas that have to be played with.
  • Do more actual landscapes.  I’ve got North Wales at my disposal and the Lakes just in driving distance.  I should use them.
  • Try and do a themed body of work.  Most of my photos are just 1 shot wonders as I’m passing somewhere.  But I’ve got ideas on some projects that I’d like to do.

I guess that they’re not really resolutions but more of 2009 thoughts.  I would love to get in my car and travel around Europe.  I’d prefer to take up biking and do that.  I get the feeling that with a bike its easier to stop at the side of a road and get photos.  But thats a whole load of expense I can’t afford.  Lessons, bikes, and new limbs.

So anyway, to start 2009 I’ve decided to do a couple of self portraits.  I really need a shave though.  It was on the cards but the darn shaver battery was dying as soon as I turned it on. I didn’t fancy the half shaven look.  As a bit of a joke for Xmas someone got me a mask and a hat.  Apparently I’m the forum villain over at Talk Photography and as such they figured it would help in my villainness.