In my final vlog of 2016 I mentioned a 2017 plan. It was this;

  • Instagram daily
  • Blog daily
  • vlog weekly

It’s 11th January and this is my first blog post of 2017. Shazbot! 

Ok, so what went wrong? Well there’s a few reasons why I never got stuck in. I was quite ill last week and also I was in New York. When I wasn’t ill I was distracted by trying to be a New Yorker, which mainly involved eating bagels and tooting my horn (not an euphemism). I was so ill I couldn’t go through the photos I had taken. The worst kind of ill.

I did manage to write in my journal though. I need to finish it off and print some photos but you know what, I freaking love having a travel journal. I’ve got receipts, cards, photos, memories, weather forecasts, and all sorts of information taped and written down in a book that won’t be bought out by Facebook and sunset shortly after. It’s my real world representation of our trip. I really love it. I plan to journal more using Field Notes and print out photos because it’s really nice to have real world things of note. I just don’t print enough of the billions of photos I take. 1 a day would be plenty.

Anyway… Hello blog. It’s good to be home.