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I know you’re all probably thinking “Where’s all the cool hdr sunsets gone?” They’ll be back, but for now I’m just whizzing through a few from the Biennial. Gotta say, it was very strange but great fun.

Camera: Canon 30D // Flash Used: Yes (Manual, red eye reduction mode) // Focal Length: 24.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/250 // Aperture: f/2.8 // ISO equiv: 800

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  1. Cool shot !

    By the way, thanks for the HDR Guide, you answered some of the questions I’ve always asked myself (like what is the difference between a 1 RAW or 3 images HDR shot). I love the result of HDR, it gives such dramatic pictures. Here is one of my favorite shot: http://www.zenzi.org/blog.php?dateBlog=2006-12-07