Non-binary person wearing a purple striped hat, glasses and green wooly jumper. They have purple lipstick on and a purple beard.

I’m blogging again. This post is the first, hopefully, for WeblogPoMo2024. I did a similar thing way back for fun during NaNoWriMo. I quite enjoyed it and figured joining in on this would be good.

I’ve rebuilt this blog of 24 years into something I’m actually OK with. This is my personal blog for me as a human. I have my work photoblog and also my blog about being a non-binary autistic person with ADHD. This one here is just for fun. It’s my… Little Time Machine. I plan to continue playing and tweaking just like in the early days of blogs because I miss having my own space. Social media is… fine, but when I need to find an old photo or moment, I can’t.

I’ve made a few main sections to filter content. They are;

  • Journal – for posts like this
  • Photoblog – for galleries or single photo focused work
  • Sketchbook – a place where I can share the attempts at art I’m making
  • Travel – posts from around the world

There are also the old blog archives lurking inside this site and are fascinating to browse as they document my years of web design and photography. Please do remember, it’s an older version of me not today’s version of me. 

Now this blog is functionally, what to do with my blog and statuslog? Also, how do I stop myself joining I absolutely don’t need it and yet, fun?