HMS Ark Royal

One of the problems I had when HMS Ark Royal arrived in Liverpool was a lack of a sense of scale. It looked tiny compared to New Brighton lighthouse. So when leaving I wanted to get something inspired by Chambre-Hardman. I wanted something to really show the size of the ship.

In other news I have a small 13m print in a building by Albert Dock. You can read about it on the 365 blog. I’m rather happy with it as you can imagine.

2 responses

  1. Wow! Great ship, greate bw, great composition! What a pity, that I don’t live near the sea…

  2. That shot is very reminiscent of Chambre Hardman; well done.
    It’s interesting for me to see this shot as I’m on the 7th floor of one of those buildings in Bootle just above the ship’s bow.
    You’ve got the lovely golden light for your shot; of course, directly opposite, all I got was dazzling sun, haze and high contrast.
    You can see some of the grim results here:
    I didn’t have the option to choose a better vantage point as, sadly, had to be at work that day.
    I’d be interested to know how you’d deal with such a contrasty scene.