Its quite hard to get a ship to really “pop” out from the landscape here, at least thats how I felt. I didn’t want to use colour because the sky was grey and in colour grey is boring and dull. In black and white I felt the ship didn’t really jumped out from the buildings behind. But I decided that the shot needed showing, that colour wasn’t an option and that if I switch off my brain the shot works. I really hate that they’ve closed the bridge at Canning Dock. I could have stood on that and got all the reflection in without the foreground you see in this one. Very annoying. Oh well, best of a bad situation I think.

2 responses

  1. Great black and white composition! Very dramatic!

  2. The faults in this photo will only ever be visible to you because you’re a perfectionist like all the best photographers.

    Honestly, it looks brilliant to me and I’ve seen a few of the Albert Dock. You’re being too hard on yourself. This certainly inspired me enough to make me want to go back and have another go for myself! (and to leave this absolute twaddle of a message 🙂