HMS Daring at sunset

9 exposure HDR.

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  1. Looks great, although the pier kind of ruins the shot for me. You should get yourself out in a boat!

  2. Then you’d complain that the buildings behind ruin it :p

  3. That, and you wouldn’t get a sunset behind the boat 🙂

  4. Amazing colors. Very intense.

  5. marcus Avatar

    I like the compo but I think the colors are yay ott, for my taste.

  6. Richard Avatar

    Great looking shot. But did the 9 exposure technique improve the HDR or would the +2, 0, -2 three shot exposure have been as good?

  7. Anton Avatar

    Is it just me or does the sunset make the ship look more menacing!
    As per usual. Good stuff Pete!

  8. Fantastic photo! X

  9. great one, I love the rich colours here.

  10. Awesome. I love the vivid colours. Very Striking. How do you get the 9 Exposures to not ghost the cars and van (unless they are parked)?