Last night I played around more on my Mac. I installed iLife 2004, with the amazing Garage Band. After about 30 mins I produced this tune. Its not amazing, but it does show how easy it is to produce a tune. I installed various irc clients, and eventually got Colloquy to work by finding the hidden secret update. Its very nice. I’ve installed Shape Shifter and got themes working. Next step is Candy Bar to customize icons.

Accessing Windows Network Shares is so easy. Its easier to get a Mac to talk to XP than XP is to XP. One thing I’ve noticed, it is slow, but not like Windows. Windows gets all sluggish, and bits redraw here and there. The Mac takes its time and boom, its there. Oh, I installed AdiumX, which is great but it bombs out when you move people in their groups. Hopefully I can test it more tonight as it seems very nice. iTunes is running and plays all my music from my PC. I need to test the CDRW stuff, as I tried last night and iTunes didn’t like my HP 12x CDRW. I don’t need the CDRW per say, but its nice if it works.

I think my Mac will mainly be a PHP server, if I get that running 🙂 I’ll run MSN on the mac, maybe IRC too. Not quite sure where its all going but hey 🙂 Always handy to be able to irc while playing ET without alt+tab. Oooh yer, Expose is seriously amazing, even on this iMac.