Today is the day. I’ve wanted an Apple Mac for about 5 years now. Today I visited a man who was selling his, and I bought it. I think it was fate. At the begining of last week I was listening to the Independance Day soundtrack, and then I was in Borders and saw it in the 2 for £22 sale. I watched it and remembered how “important” the Mac was in that film 🙂 I had only just got paid on Thursday, and I found the advert by searching OcUK for “apple” for fun. The fact that the guy lived close made it all the better. It was meant to be 😀 

Its currently running OSX 10.1, and I need to get Panther on there asap for Safari and the other features. I had great fun with the voice recognition. “Computer, tell me a joke”. “Knock knock.” “Computer, who’s there” :DDD How cool is that! You can also just press the power button on the front and it instantly goes to standby, and the power light glows so perfectly. They keyboard is definetly the best I’ve ever used. The mouse is also nice, even given the 1 mouse button. 

It still hasn’t really sunk in. “I’ve got a Mac!!!”