This is a shot of the group I went around with standing in the new Debenhams. Many thanks to the guys who organised the tour from the Liverpool forum on Skyscraper City and to Mark from Grosvenor for guiding us round. It was a really exciting tour and it’s not often I get to suit up, which was handy as I did bang my helmet at least twice. I was too busy watching where my feet went and not where my head was. The site, as it stands, is currently a giant framework that needs bits finishing here and there before the shops can move in. I think its another 6 months before they do and then another 6 months before they all open. May 08 I think is the target date for the shops, and Sept 08 for the completed park. I’m not sure how much of the park will be completed by May and I can only imagine it would be a good idea to have something done for the Mersey River Festival and the Matthew Street Festival. Chavesse Park was always popular when they were on. They are some of the big public events at the waterfront that will attract a huge number of people to Liverpool One. All in all this development should be fantastic and I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can get some new snaps.

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  1. Great Picture. I Love the colors

  2. A potentially ‘boring’ scene, but nice bit of wide-angle, contrasting colours and some good processing makes it pretty damn good!