Inside York Minster #3

One of the sides York Minster. Annoyingly I didn’t see the light to the right of me so its caused a bit of flare. I think this will be the last from inside the Minster. While there were more locations they just have too much to see. The shots are too busy. Too many light sources and just too much detail in the rooms.

HDR from 3 RAW’s // Camera: Canon 30D // ISO speed: 200 // Shutter Speed: 8 seconds // Aperture: F9.0 // Flash: OFF // Focal Length: 10.0 // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

6 responses

  1. Ouch !!! thats huge !

  2. Fantastic shot!
    And I love how you’ve modified Hemingway here 🙂

  3. I am very surprise by the details of your shot.
    It’s wonderful.

  4. Despite not being Christian, you cannot deny the majesty and beauty of those old cathedrals. I love the golden colours. Is the entire interior just lit by sunlight and those small lamps??

  5. ncie, it almost looks hand drawn, only think is the wierd lens flare (i am asuming lens flare ) to the right of the shot

  6. Yeah there was a nasty light that I didn’t spot when shooting. I tried burning it out but it didn’t look quite right.