Irish Guy

The Fab Collective spent part of Saturday documenting Lark Lane as we saw fit. Brian and I had just finished exploring a side road and this cool looking Irish guy came up to us. He said something, not a clue what but I heard “Take my photo” or something there of. I took it and he wandered off talking to himself.

In other news I’m trying out Audioboo. For a few years I’ve thought of doing a podcast but in all honesty I couldn’t work out what I could talk about on a weekly / daily basis. Audioboo is an incredibly easy way of making podcasts. For now I’m going to use it in a similar way to Twitter. No, I’m not going to discuss what I’m having for breakfast. I’ll try and keep it photography related. This audioboo is all about choosing todays photoblog. Not exactly all that interesting but maybe I can refine the process and make it interesting… maybe…

8 responses

  1. Ops … like a living stone ^^. Happy within the high age, fantastic! Like this portrait so much … !

  2. What a great dude 🙂
    Love his smile, you can’t resist but to join and smile back at him.
    Love the processing here!

  3. Really nice shot, he looks like a fun guy doesnt he. Just listened to your Audioboo, and had to laugh at “couldnt understand a word he was saying except for “take my photo”” ROFL

    I have southern Irish relatives and they are generally easy to understand, I find the northern Irish accent more difficult to comprehend.

  4. Impressive texture of skin, a face with much to tell.


  5. Strong portrait!

  6. A very masterful black and white treatment, the way you have brought out the rough texture of his skin is just fantastic!

  7. Woah, this is really awesome, what an Impact!

  8. Really nice shot