A girl walks up Bold Street through the snow on her phone to someone, smiling. Is it because its snowing? Is it because while its fake snow its still nice to see? Its nice to think that she simply enjoyed it snowing on Bold Street.

8 responses

  1. Classic photograph, very well captured. loving the DOF and grain – is this taken with your new Nikon?

  2. Oh… The D700 tag should have given it away, really, heh. Sorry.

    Awesome shot anyway!

  3. Great street shot! I like the holiday mood

  4. Yep, has to be because of the ‘Winter Wonderland’. 🙂 Nice work.

  5. nicely captured, she really seems happy. I like this retro style, well done 🙂

  6. great black and white.. and good effort to capture her so happy as well as the snow

  7. Glad you all like it. I’ve got a Christmasy series planned for the next few days.