My nephew Jack. He’s 3 months old tomorrow. He doesn’t seem fast, but my Sigma 24-70 just can’t focus quick enough on him sometimes. You have to keep the eyes sharp, so I continually focus on his eyes every time he moves. Most of the time my Sigma takes too long to properly focus. I may try servo-asisted focusing next time. I could really do with USM. I’ve also found a renewed love of the nifty fifty. When I’m just nipping out to visit my sister I find it annoying having to take a 30D (w/ battery grip) + Sigma 24-70 + Canon 430ex + Lightsphere just so I can get a shot. I’m a perfectionist so I always carry that gear just to feel safe. However, it is just so damn bulky so for now I think the 30D + grip + Canon 50mm f/1.8 will be fine. The cam slots nicely into my every day bag, lens is sharp, and its low-light compatible.

Camera: Canon 30D // Flash Used: No // Focal Length: 70.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/60 // Aperture: f/2.8 // ISO equiv: 1600 // White Balance: Auto // Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto) // Sigma 24-70