Liverpool wakes up to find a giant spider has appeared on the side of Concourse House by Lime Street Station. The expressions on peoples faces are priceless.  Wonder, confusion and curiosity. (Pete Carr)

I was looking at the website for the upcoming ‘Giant Spectacular’ event in Liverpool that is set to eclipse La Machine from 2008. So I started looking at my old photos of that fantastically stunning event. After a few minutes it became clear that they needed reprocessing. I felt that the processing was the story instead of the story itself. At least the processing may have got in the way of a good moment I wanted people to see. So one afternoon later and here we are. A 5 day event that took the city by storm.

In the evening a spot light shined on the spider so that we could all monitor its activities.  Nothing happened, but you never know. (Pete Carr)

Thursday and La Princess is transported across the city to Albert Dock.  Everyone is looking out their office windows and taking to the streets to see the spider. (Pete Carr)

Night time falls on day 2 and people get a close up view of La Princess.  She's so close you can almost touch her. Music is played to sooth the giant spider and hundreds of people gather to simply sit and see the awe inspiring spider.  For the first time you get an idea of how she'll move and just how far out her legs will reach. (Pete Carr)

 (Pete Carr)

 (Pete Carr)

Later that day La Princess wakes up again and she spots another way out.  Nothing stops her and she heads out into the city. For the first time people really see the insanity behind La Machine.  Its huge! (Pete Carr)

This couldn't be any more War of the Worlds. (Pete Carr)

 (Pete Carr)

 (Pete Carr)

Day turns to night and La Princess is looking like something from a science fiction movie, complete with special effects. She is heading down this street back to the building where she was first found to sleep. (Pete Carr)

The end struggle.  Scientists vs La Princess.  Huge special effects are used like something from a film but its right there in front of you. (Pete Carr)

 (Pete Carr)

One last stand for the crowd and she's off. (Pete Carr)

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    @petemc Ahh happy days Pete, think I’m still soaked from that last night!!