La Princesse made her way into Liverpool city center yesterday. I’ve never seen crowds like it even with FA Cup homecomings. Water Street, Castle Street and I imagine Dale Street were full. I bet The Strand was too and the surrounding areas. Insane amount of people. I’m surprised they managed to get La Princesse through. What a sight though. The water canons were impressive and I hear everyone got soaked. She moved up Church Street to where the band stand used to be and fought with a digger. Afterwards she headed up to the Adelphi and on to Concourse Tower where she spent the night.

I think the most amazing part was how it changed my perception of it, and I reckon every ones. You here that a giant spider is going to stomp around town and it sounds terrifying. You see it on the side of the building and its a bit ominous. It wakes up and reaches out to people, gets scared by fire and goes back to sleep. The next day it really wakes up and goes for a walk. It looks so scary because its huge! However, by the next day you see it covered in snow and you see the 50,000 people turn out to greet it. Its not a huge scary spider. Everyone is there to cheer it on. By the end of the day it goes up the building and sleeps. The music is never there to scare you and so it sets the tone of wonder. Its amazing just how they’ve made it seem real. I know its on a truck but you don’t see the truck. You see this giant spider, who is a little scared of its surroundings, wandering the city. Amazing.