The Liverpool International Music Festival, LIMF, is warming up for August Bank Holiday. Last night saw the first major event in the shape of a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron with Aswad, the Christians, Sophia Ben-Yousef, Talib Kweli and the brilliant Craig Charles. I do love that we have these epic spaces for music events in the city.

The festival is huge with events on all the way through to Monday night. I’m covering a lot of it along with Mark McNulty so stay tuned to our sites for coverage over the weekend.

LIMF-2015-8471-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8670-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8665-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7471-pete-carr LIMF-2015-6921-pete-carr LIMF-2015-6990-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7195-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8767-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8733-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8283-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7430-pete-carr