Holy cow what a weekend. I think LIMF this year has felt a lot tighter. The Academy stage was wonderful and I think the loudest stage in town. Real strong vibes there. The Bandstand was just lovely as usual. If I had to pick a stage to camp out by with beer, food and mates it would be the It’s Liverpool stage. Constantly great. A real joy.

I’ve loved this years events. So much has happened. The tribute to Gill Scott-Heron just a few days ago feels like months ago. There’s been a lot going on since then.

I think my highlight was Space. I’ve got their albums and I was a big fan of their music back in the day. Songs like Neighbourhood, Female of the Spieces and You and me against the world. I loved those tracks. They’ve got a great feel to them with great lyrics. Unfortunately I never got around to seeing them play live so how great was it to be back stage photographing them? It. Was. Amazing. I know Echo and the Bunnymen where the festival headliners but for me Space won with The Real Thing a very close second.

Echo and the Bunnymen LIMF-2015-2123-pete-carrEcho and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen SpaceRosenblume Space Space Space Space Space LIMF-2015-32-pete-carr Jalen Ngonda Apique Rae Morris Rae Morris LIMF-2015-0703-pete-carr Me and Deboe