Man. What a day. Highlight was definitely the Its Liverpool stage. Great crowd. Great tunes. If I wasn’t working I’d be chilling there. If you’re about at LIMF today setup camp down there. The Real Thing were fantastic fun as were Herstory who had a guest appearance by Jayne Casey. The Academy and Bandstand stage had some great acts on too. I didn’t get to see much of the Central stage but thats on my list today. The great thing about LIMF is theres as much and as little as to do as you want. Want to sit in the park eating nice food and drinking a cider with your mates? Sorted. Want to jump around to thumping bass? Sorted. Want to sit on the beach with your kids? Yer that too. It’s such a good festival.

LIMF-2015-9534-pete-carr LIMF-2015-1102-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9499-pete-carr The Real Thing The Real Thing LIMF-2015-9379-pete-carr LIMF-2015-0876-pete-carr The Real Thing Herstory featuring Jayne Casey Herstory featuring Jayne Casey Herstory DROHNE x VEED LIMF-2015-0427-pete-carr LIMF-2015-0404-pete-carr Far Flung Funk LIMF-2015-8726-pete-carr Katy Alex MiC Lowry GLOBAL ROOTS INTERNATIONAL MIXTAPE