Liver Building at dusk

Really lovely evening on Saturday. This was taken before the art on the waterfront event took place. Stunning view from on top of the new ferry terminal. Really stunning. They need a cafe up there. I also found that from the top my 14mm lens isn’t wide enough to get the 3 Graces in. Maybe the Sigma 12-24 would. 8mm fisheye would but I’m not a fan of the effect. I want 2 things to happen now. When Queen Mary 2 comes in later this year I want it to stay till after dark and I want to go back up there and get that shot. Its exactly whats missing from it.

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  1. Wow!

  2. Very nice! It’s a hdr? Anyway, really nice!

  3. Really great spot to snag a different perspective of the location. It really would be a prime spot for a cool cafe or something because of that view. Wish I could experience it in person. Love that you’re planning out and thinking of later this year from the same spot.

    well done with the xposure and all that…you already know that though.

  4. Another breath taking capture. Bravo!

  5. Fabulously strong and spicy capture of the waterfront.
    Growing up in Liverpool I recall the paved area in front used to be a grotty bus station in the early 70’s where I used to catch the 18C bus to Norris Green. A bit of a scary place in those days and used as a hangout for a lot of dubious characters. Remember once getting mugged by about 6 lads who emptied my pockets and relieved me of my PE kit.
    By the way found my way to your website address from a book on HDR processing I found in a bookstore here in the Philippines.

  6. wow…