Liverpool New Year Fireworks 2007

Gallery of the fireworks (for non Flash users)

Happy New Year, again. The fireworks that should have been on New Years Eve 2006 took place last night. I went out on Thursday to find a good spot before hand as I knew it would get crowded. I was tempted by being directly in-front of the Walker Art Gallery but I figured part of the gallery would be blocked by the projection bunkers. Instead I went for a side angle. This way I could get the fireworks, the gallery and part of the other library in too. They were good fireworks and being this close my 10-20 just about fitted them in. I bought it mainly because I was tired of missing the tops of fireworks. I figured that if I got the widest lens possible I’d never have to worry. Of course I was just a tad too close last night and chopped off the final fireworks 😀 I didn’t have time to switch to portrait, and even if I did I’d cut off the sides.

All in all it was a great show. I really enjoyed it and I was glad I got there 2hrs early. Although, whoever sold kids air horns should be shot. I hear there’s another big show planned for Liverpool’s birthday so that should be pretty darn good. The only glitch is that its off several key buildings. Thats gunna be hard to shoot, unless they’re all waterfront properties so I can just get it from Wirral.

Art in Liverpool has 2 videos of the fireworks too. Shot of the day goes to the excellent Liverpool Street Station by Adam Wright, aptly named too.

Exif for the first photo;
Camera: Canon 30D // Flash Used: No // Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 4.000 s // Aperture: f/8.0 // ISO equiv: 100 // White Balance: Auto // Exposure: Manual // Exposure Mode: Manual // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

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  1. redhed17 Avatar

    Excellent pictures. The time taken to preview the site paid dividends, as I think you had a great position and you have made the most of it. I thought you may have been able to get on the raised platform at the end of St. Georges Hall, as there was a camera set up there. I wouldn’t mind seeing the pics from that position.;-)

    I was quite happy will my pictures until I saw yours. 😉 I too used a 10-20mm lens, though I was much more to the left of your position, and didn’t make the most of the lens or the event.. I used the portrait orientation, but over estimated the height of the fireworks. Lessons learned hopefully.

    There’s few of mine I do like though. Luckily. lol

    Well done.