First things first. Thank you all for coming on the photowalk. It was a fantastic afternoon.
I got to see a place I’ve never really seen, got to chat to some great people and had a laugh too. Can’t ask for more. I’ve had emails from people asking me when the next one is. Right now there’s no fixed date but I do plan to do another in the next few months. No point waiting for the next Scott Kelby one in a years time.

The walk itself went off without too many problems. Lost one or two half way through but found them soon enough. We didn’t have any models planned, lighting gear or anything like that. It was simply a few hours out in town. Architecture, people, things like that. A few guys managed to empty an entire pub and get shots of the people in it. You can see a lot of the shots on the Flickr group setup just for the walk.

On to the winner. A difficult choice really but in the end I chose the shot by Matt Thomas. It really summed up the day. We had a great place to start, lots of people turned out and we all took photos.


You can see mine below, and what happened after we went to the bar for a drink.