This shot was taken on top of a new car park in Liverpool. There were no signs to say it was private. No signs to say that photography was prohibited. I checked. Yet when I was up there a guard came running up and escorted me out saying it was owned by the Police and that due to this whole Anti-Terrorism thing I couldn’t take photos. I explained that I wouldn’t have if they had a warning informing me of this. It just looked like any other car park. There was no-one guarding the entrance or anything. I just walked in. Still got the shots and left 🙂

2 responses

  1. nice shot taken under pressure conditions!

  2. Similar thing happened to me very close from where you must have taken this photo. I was by the footbridge that’s shaped in an oval fashion like huge whale ribs. It looks really nice which is why I stopped to photograph it and a “Security Guard” stepped over to me and told me it was against some security law or such like to take photos.
    I voiced the same sentiments as yourself, though they did not look too keen to get into a discussion.
    I’ve only just started perusing your site but I do like what I’ve seen.