Liverpool Entrance to the Mersey Tunnel

This was taken moments before entering the tunnel. I knew I would be HDRing some of these shots due to the high contrast scene. The darkness of the tunnel to the bright sky above. Speaking of HDR, I have officially started my new book. Yesterday was a busy day. I dropped off the work for ‘Port of Culture’, the Liverpool book I’ve been working on. Theres still a few details to work out with it but the main work is done. I keep telling people that I don’t HDR everything and after a quick count nearly 50% of the images in it are HDR. Anyway… Last night I started work on my 3rd book which is a guide to HDR. Its been a while since I wrote anything of volume and its proving a little harder than I expected to get back into. I type for 2 hours, do a word count and its just 300 more words?? Its going to include never seen before photos, hopefully from a few out of town trips. Oh and I have about 2 months to do it. I did my 48,000 word dissertation in a month so this should be easy. This is the moment the words hit the page.

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  1. Wonderful black and white image!

  2. Wicked photo – But where are the other 2 books you mentioned available from ?

  3. Joseph caruana Avatar
    Joseph caruana

    wish I could hdr my shots like yours. I look forward to your book.